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ancient greek symposium

2+ hour* online themed celebration

for friends and families

with an Ithacan host

Nothing about the ancient myths and legends is accidental,

everything hid a logical reason, a little wisdom.

Story-telling was not just an entertainment or another show,

but part of life itself with deep, meaningful cultural variations.

Today the Odyssey, apart from a marvelous piece of literature, is a revelation:

Ancient Greek daily life, customs, ethos, worship, philosophy,

and many other aspects of human consciousness,

even of the human spirit itself emerge from its pages as winged words.
Let’s discover together the magic of an Ancient Greek Symposium:

we will put on our chitons,

prepare our long drinks according to the ancient recipe of kykeon,

listen to the majestic lyre playing long forgotten tunes,

discuss about the everyday life of the Ancients 

and solve an ancient mystery

in a 2*-hour of immersion in the Ancient Greek civilization.

unsealing the past

2+ hour online event

Right from











Lyre songs for music lovers

Mystery game included 

Revive the Ancient ways

Explore maps of the past

for wannabe time travelers


before we start

We invite you to a unique online celebration in a 2-hour acquaintance 

with  the Ancient Greek civilization. 

As guests of honor in the Ithacan 

'Anaktoron' (palace), you are requested to make simple preparations and provisions as well as

gear yourselves up for the occasion.

Once your booking is confirmed,

you will be provided with a unique password granting access to

the 'Anaktoron' quarters

where you can browse tutorials, recipes and ideas of how to prepare yourselves like true Ancient Greeks 

for the event.


during the event

We will sail together on an educational and entertaining voyage in the glorious Greek past, where the myths intertwine with the historical facts. During the Symposium, we will take

a glimpse of the daily life

of the Ancient Greeks at its best: 

dining, wine tasting, music, theater, while solving a mystery disappearance,

in a time-travel experience  

filling the soul and senses.  

You will be welcomed and follow the ancient rituals of hospitality and 

actively participate in the mystery solving as orchestrated and recounted by our Ithacan host.   


game info

Odysseus, the King of Ithaca has been away for almost 20 years. His wife, Penelope has been avoiding to marry one of her suitors for all this time but has now run out of excuses.

She has summoned you to help her locate her missing husband.

Will you be able to figure out

where he is before it's too late?  

The game is suitable for adults and well-adjusted for children of 8 years-old and above,  yet younger children are always  most welcome to attend and can engage in parallel activities. 

The event is offered in English

and we also speak French, Spanish

and naturally Greek.

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ready to join the Symposium?


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