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city adventure game

for friends & families

with a game host 

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Where is Prof. Ian T. Blake?

Last seen on May 12, near the Acropolis Museum, wearing a safari hat, khaki shorts and mismatched socks, carrying a backpack.

Prof. Ian is far more than a typical Archaeology Professor; 
he has always claimed there is a hands-on way 

to explore classical destinations.  
His revolutionary theory blends fun with mystery 
and a pinch* of creativity  whilst discovering 
Athens' hidden historic gems scattered around 
the sacred hill of the Acropolis.​ 
Alas! The eccentric Professor has gone missing 
during his last research trip. 
Can you locate him before it's too late?


Treasure suspected to be linked to his disappearance.

for wannabe treasure hunters

3+hour walking adventure

friends families 


english french* spanish*

recreational equipment included

teamwork educational



physical activity

unique sight-seeing

fun facts myths stories

for 8-year olds and above

knowledge and treasures 

amazing ancient trails


what we will do

Treasure Hunting is an alternative, engaging and fun way 
of exploring classical destinations, 
combining the thrill of the game 
along with unique sight-seeing in the very heart of Athens, 
offering far more than a conventional walking tour.
In the iconic area around the sacred hill of the Acropolis, 
we will visit some of the most evocative historic and mythical "gems” and will reveal their stories through interactive and on-the-spot challenges. 
No entrance fee is required,

the sites are all free to walk to. 
The duration (usually 3+ hours) 
depends on the players' pace and is adjustable to your plans.

This walking game is technology-assisted and will require imagination, creativity and a keen eye
for riddles & puzzles to complete.

Are you up for this treasure-hunting challenge?


where we will meet

We will meet at the Acropolis metro station and will walk around the Acropolis Hill for a distance of around 3.5 km, covering the historic center of Athens. We will stop at the major landmarks where Prof. Ian Blake was last seen although he has whimsically managed to cover his trail.

Let's see what he has been up to!

Mild physical activity required with only gentle uphill and downhill sections.  Our Treasure Hunt sessions are designed for up to 2 groups at the same time. The groups play the game independently and share the game guiding. Option for a private session is available at an extra cost. We start hunting all year round at 10:00 hrs (and additionally at 17:00 hrs during summer) yet we are flexible and can adjust starting time according

to your schedule.

Fill in the booking form and let us know how we can tailor the perfect Treasure Hunt for you.  


what is included

We provide full gaming equipment  including a travel bag full of mystery items, Prof. Ian's ipad complete

with  internet connection and other 

unexpected (!) findings. The game shares fun facts, stories, tidbits and myths, thus creating an educational yet memorable adventure.  The game is suitable for adults and well-adjusted for children of 8 years-old and above, yet younger children are most welcome at no extra cost and can engage in parallel activities while the rest of the family is immersed in the game. Larger groups will be divided into opposing teams and compete with one another aiming to find the missing Professor first.

The game is offered in English and we also speak French, Spanish

and naturally Greek. 

Do you have what it takes for this treasure-hunting experience?


ready for the challenge?

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